Public Staff Reports

Public Administrative Salary Report

This report contains staff members who have an assignment identified as administrative.  The report contains full-time equivalency (FTE) salary, fringe, days employed, and assignment information by hire agency, work agency, and staff member.

Public Aggregate Staff Report

This report includes aggregate FTE for agencies that contract out and do not collect person specific information for Bus Drivers - Special Education, Bus Drivers, Plant Maintenance and Operational Personnel, and Cafeteria Workers.

Public All Staff Report

This report is a comprehensive record of all staff reported working in the Wisconsin K-12 public school system during a regular school year. All public education agencies are included. Each staff person reported is listed individually. Assignments for staff are nested under their name and can be viewed by clicking the plus box under the details column.

Public Assignment Code List

This tool provides information about the data fields and elements that are displayed in the various reports.

Public Staff FTE by Ethnicity and Gender Report

This report provides full-time equivalency (FTE) data based on ethnicity and gender for staff positions at the state and district level. The reports are separated by administrative positions (e.g., district administrator, principal, director of special education) or licensed positions (e.g., guidance counselor, school psychologist, teacher).

Public Teacher Salary Report

This report contains a district summary of staff members who have a position code indicating they are a classroom teacher (53-Teacher). The report provides data for public school districts and independent (2R) charter schools only and contains teacher low salary, high salary, average salary, average fringe, and average experience by district.